Lessons learned from major projects in t...

Lessons learned from major projects in the use of technology for construction excellence


Digital Building Week will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 23rd April 2024 (2:00pm - 3:00pm)



Webinar info:

In an era where technology is reshaping the construction landscape, this webinar is set to share lessons learned from major projects that have harnessed cutting-edge technologies to achieve high levels of success.


Join us as industry experts, thought leaders, and project managers converge to explore the intersection of technology and construction, unravelling the strategies, challenges, and triumphs behind major projects that have set new benchmarks for the industry.


Key highlights:


  1. Digital transformation in construction: Understand how digital technologies, including Building Information Modelling (BIM), Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), are revolutionising traditional construction methodologies.


  1. Real-world case studies: Dive into case studies of major construction projects that have successfully leveraged technology to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure project timelines.


  1. Challenges and solutions: Explore the challenges encountered during the implementation of technology in construction projects and discover innovative solutions that have paved the way for success.


  1. Collaboration and communication: Learn the importance of effective collaboration and communication platforms in fostering synergy among project stakeholders, from architects and engineers to contractors and suppliers.

5. Future trends and opportunities: Gain insights into emerging trends and future opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of construction technology, ensuring your organisation stays ahead of the curve.


On-demand webinar replay: