How can firms manage the Golden Thread?

How can firms manage the Golden Thread?

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First aired: 7 April 2022
Sponsor: Trimble Viewpoint

Dame Judith Hackitt’s final report, Building a Safer Future, recommended that all high risk residential buildings should have a “Golden Thread of information” detailing how the asset was designed, built and is being maintained. This live document would then be held digitally and exist alongside the physical asset. Now that this recommendation is set to soon become legal requirement – with the Building Safety Law making its passage through law it is imperative construction firms right across the supply chain workout how they will deliver on this.

In this webinar, delivered in partnership with Trimble Viewpoint, our panel of experts will discuss not only the importance of the Golden Thread but provide insight into the challenges firms are likely to face when looking to create and manage the digital audit trail and, more importantly, how to overcome these hurdles.


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