Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E

Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E




I've been paying attention to AI and the impact on architecture and construction.  This is a good piece with suggestions on how some of these AI tools could be used. 


Personally I think AI is extremely important, and it can play a massive role in our work. This is good because it provides another dimension of design so it can make for a better educated decision.


1. Automated massing option testing for predetermined area briefs and measurable 3D site constraints.

2. Data-based urban analysis tools that estimate commercial activity and pedestrian behaviour to improve design of ground floor and street activation and transport and access strategies.

3. Deep dive contextual analysis and facade study elevation option generation.

4. Dynamic building core auto-design from areas, with preset criteria for each typology and structural / mep combination.

5. Live Building Regs and fire compliance flagging and redesign suggestions.

Some ideas on how to make the feasibility process more efficient, without impacting effectiveness.


I’m not denying that there may be benefits but how much do we trust AI?  There is value in using AI if you are designing large iconic structures to assist with visuals or even some design aspects.  But, there are also points that need to be looked into.  As an architect you are still liable for all work and will still have to check everything, maybe even more so because nothing can be 100% correct.


Another thing to think about, what happens to those young Part I & II assistants who are eager to learn, and train to become future architects.  There is a learning gap already where not enough hands-on experience is given to assistants so taking away those ‘mundane’ jobs is not going to help the cause.  


AI is probably better suited to someone who is working for themselves and needs to save some time.