Navigating transformation: A deep dive i...

Navigating transformation: A deep dive into the regulatory reform driven by Awaab's Law


Housing today will be hosting  a webinar on Thursday 28th March 2024 (11:30am - 12:30pm)



Webinar info:

In an era of constant change, housing providers face evolving challenges and opportunities that demand a nuanced understanding of the regulatory landscape.

Awaab’s Law, which was introduced in the landmark Social Housing Regulation Act 2023, requires landlords to investigate and fix reported health hazards within specified timeframes.

In this session we will unpack what these changes are, what they mean for housing providers and how they can be best tackled.

Key points include:

Introduction to Awaab’s Law:

– Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key provisions and objectives of Awaab’s Law

– Explore the implications of the regulatory changes on housing providers 

Navigating compliance challenges:

– Delve into the specific compliance requirements mandated by Awaab’s Law.

– Learn practical strategies for housing providers to ensure seamless adherence to the new regulations. 

Impact on housing operations:

– Examine how Awaab’s Law is set to reshape the landscape of housing operations.

– Discuss potential challenges and identify proactive measures for effective operational management. 

Best practice for implementation:

– Hear from industry experts on successful case studies and best practices in implementing regulatory reforms.

– Obtain actionable insights on aligning your organization with the spirit of Awaab’s Law.


On-demand webinar replay: