Constructing the future: Unleashing AI's...

Constructing the future: Unleashing AI's potential in the built environment


Digital Building Week will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 23rd April 2024 (11:00am - 12:00pm)



Webinar info:

It is undeniable that the industry remains on a transformative journey that artificial intelligence will lie increasingly at the heart of. Its game-changing potential in the construction industry is ever-evolving and, therefore, in need of exploration.


In this webinar, our panel will explore innovative applications, practical strategies, and real-world success stories that showcase how AI is revolutionising construction processes, regardless of specialism or sub-sector.


Highlights are set to include:


  1. AI applications in construction: Beyond the basics
  • Explore the diverse range of applications where AI is making a significant impact in construction, from project planning and design optimisation to risk management and safety enhancement.
  • Understand how AI-driven insights are reshaping decision-making processes and contributing to more efficient and sustainable construction practices.
  1. Automation and robotics on the construction site
  • Witness the integration of AI-powered automation and robotics in construction, showcasing how these technologies are revolutionising repetitive tasks, enhancing precision, and improving overall site safety.
  • Learn about the latest advancements in construction robotics and their potential impact on productivity and worker wellbeing.
  1. Preparing for the AI revolution: Skill development and integration
  • Gain insights into the skills required for professionals to thrive in the AI-driven construction landscape.
  • Understand practical steps for integrating AI technologies into existing workflows and fostering a culture of innovation within construction teams.