Building impact: Measuring social value ...

Building impact: Measuring social value and crafting enduring legacies in construction projects


Social Value Live will be hosting a webinar on Thursday 16th May 2024 (2:00pm - 3:00pm)



Webinar info:

At a time when construction firms are increasingly being judged, both through procurement and delivery, for the role they play in shaping communities, it is now more important than ever that social value impacts are measurable and long lasting.


This session aims to explore the essential strategies and methodologies for effectively measuring social value and leaving a lasting legacy from built environment projects.


Key discussion points include:

  • Strategic social impact metrics in construction: Explore specialised metrics and methodologies tailored for construction projects that go beyond traditional measures. Understand how to quantify and qualify the social impact of construction initiatives, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation
  • Community-centric construction practices: Learn how to align construction objectives with the needs and aspirations of local communities. Discover strategies to engage stakeholders, foster inclusivity, and build projects that contribute meaningfully to the social fabric of the areas they serve.
  • Sustainable construction legacies: Uncover the principles of sustainable construction that extend beyond the physical structures. Explore how thoughtful planning, resource management, and community engagement can contribute to a construction legacy that stands as a testament to long-term positive change.
  • Stakeholder collaboration in construction: Delve into effective stakeholder engagement strategies within the construction context. Understand how collaborative partnerships with local communities, businesses, and authorities can enhance the social value of construction projects and create a collective force for transformative impact.
  • Approaches to measuring social value: Explore an array of methodologies, including quantitative metrics such as economic contributions and infrastructure enhancements with qualitative assessments to provide a comprehensive understanding of the broader societal impact and transformative effects of projects.

On-demand webinar replay: