Building safety group ‘deeply concerned’...

Building safety group ‘deeply concerned’ by developers still building to old standards


The Building Safety Act identified areas within the construction process that were lacking in clarity or transparency and of course the ‘who is to blame’ when things go wrong. A lot of changes have been implemented, especially in responsibilities on site, and there is still more to do.  Six years on from the tragedy and the changes within the construction industry are still not finalised.



I read this article in BD regarding The ‘Building Safety group’, good to know that the standards are being assessed and for them to be concerned about developers still building to old standards. This is a bit misrepresented and technically what they are saying is that developers are building to the older standards because the new standards, like the two staircase rule, have not yet been fully implemented.



In an ideal world all developers would be building to new standards and there would not be any problems. Sadly it is about investing money for the purpose of making the most profit. 


What did the Building Safety group expect, that everyone just gets on board without thinking about consequences of budget or time? There is always going to be a time limit to when the changes will begin so why wouldn’t developers take advantage of it. 


Making changes takes a lot of time as there are so many different parts to construction. There is so much more that still needs to be updated like the regulation of building control. There should have also been more guidance for the smaller contractors because I think this is one place that there will be problems.